Salams Application: The Choose Muslim Dating Application for Matrimony
Salams Application: The Choose Muslim Dating Application for Matrimony

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Online dating sites with a little twist? Salams (formerly acknowledged Minder) is actually an online relationships app for Muslims interested in satisfying additional Muslims for the purpose of matrimony. Much like lots of online dating applications nowadays, the process of locating somebody on Salams is simple. Your swipe proper if you’re enthusiastic about people, and leftover if you don't. Your own swipes continue to be private and certainly will just be shared upon being matched (aka in the event that other person swipes directly on you too). We seated straight down aided by the Salams group to have a chat with them concerning idea of the app, additionally the idea of internet dating inside the muslim neighborhood.

1. As anyone already know, Salams was a rebrand the iconic muslim online dating application Minder. I do want to go on it back once again here, how did the concept come about?

Minder was developed in 2015 to really make it more relaxing for Muslims to obtain partnered. If you’re Muslim in a non-Muslim country, it's hard to see hitched if you can’t come across people during your direct community — Minder was designed to link Muslims who may not have met normally.

Needless to say, Minder was a play-off of Tinder and it also easily turned into referred to as Muslim Tinder. However, also at the very start the objective was never ever for application to be used like Tinder. Minder ended up being a catchy name that numerous men strona randkowa dla graczy and women fell deeply in love with once they would listen it. It made people chuckle therefore offered the purpose of having group realize that it was an app to relate to various other Muslims.

2. Was truth be told there any thought you’d prefer to share behind the rebrand to Salams?

After many years of beng labeled as Minder, it absolutely was children name. Parents, college students, plus non-Muslims know about Minder. But as a company, we requested our selves in the event the term “Minder” match all of our reason and purpose which is to aid hook up and obtain Muslims partnered in a halal way. And truth compared to that response is that Minder was not top title for that. We didn’t wish to be generally Muslim Tinder. We desired visitors to appreciate the app and employ it effectively. Therefore, despite you are children name our very own entire organization needed to make the extremely difficult decision on altering our very own term. We experienced numerous studies to come up with another label. We questioned many people with regards to their opinions. The other time, we advised title Salams. It absolutely was brief, basic gorgeous. Salams – to dispersed comfort and a phrase accustomed open up a discussion.

3. entering online dating inside the muslim world, why do you might think a matchmaking app like Salams required into the muslim neighborhood?

an application like Salams required because Muslims now-a-days wish proactively look for a spouse themselves opportunity whom they feel is considered the most compatible on their behalf. The standard means of getting married, like using a matchmaker, took power away from unmarried Muslims. Most of the time matchmakers would pick a person who will work for the household or close in writing but not good for the in-patient engaged and getting married. With Salams, users fall for anyone that best fits their unique requirements themselves plan without stress from relatives and buddies to be in for an individual.

We hope and pray that Allah permits this app’s characteristics to create halal and meaningful connections within lifetime plus the hereafter.

4. Why do you think there’s stigma that accompanies matchmaking for the muslim society (especially internet dating)? Exactly how is actually Salams taking care of breaking this stigma?

We've been dealing with this stigma for decades. We've got got tens of thousands of lovers see interested and married making use of Salams. They contact all of us and thank all of us nevertheless minute we ask for a testimonial they become timid. This is certainly no fault to them, but is due to the stigma of fulfilling some body on the web. This will be something new for Muslim neighborhood. But with social media becoming such an effective software in accordance with apps getting standard, we believe this stigma is actually slowly disappearing. Our aim at Salams would be to display what amount of happy couples bring married from the software therefore we can continue to break this stigma.

5. Which nations create people largely make use of Salams? Is-it largely eastern or american nations?

We now have an international user base but certainly there is a heavy focus in the usa, Canada and United Kingdom.

6. Any finally keywords you’d prefer to leave for muslim youth thinking about using internet dating apps however they are unwilling?

Times include switching rapidly and exactly how things are accomplished become switching significantly. Salams try an alternative way getting partnered. We're not saying it is the only way for married, but as a Muslim it is definitely a good alternative. With over 2,000,000+ unmarried Muslims global, it is a powerful way to improve your likelihood of marriage.

What an impressive mission and trip from the Salams software staff. If you’re Muslim and seeking for a longterm mate from the inside their belief, then we definitely endorse you to definitely consider their app. Don’t disregard to DM you your activities, we’re eager for hearing from you how it moved.

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