JEMMA Lucy enjoys affirmed this woman is in a commitment along with her Ex on Beach co-star Charlotte Dawson
JEMMA Lucy enjoys affirmed this woman is in a commitment along with her Ex on Beach co-star Charlotte Dawson

Brand-new pair had put-on an amorous show at British matchmaking honors the other day

Composing on the social media web site, the 28-year-old said: "i would ike to confirm me and @CharlotteDawsx are formally a few. Thank you for all of your fancy and service".

Nonetheless while a spokesman for Charlotte did not rule out a commitment, the guy did inform the email on line, "I would indicates that it is a joke."

The womales certainly gave a big hint they had taken their friendship to the next level following the awards bash in London.

Charlotte wore a sensational, backless sterling silver dress which she teamed with matching high-heeled boots into celebration at HAC Artillery landscapes in Moorgate, central London.


At the same time Jemma gone for a long black colored silk gown which displayed this lady cleavage to full results.

After posing arm in arm regarding red-carpet, the pair leftover the function slightly tough for wear, with Charlotte groping Jemma's tits and kissing their on the mouth while they clambered into a taxi cab.

After continuing onto a club, the movie stars continuous to party before leaving the site and resting on some measures, wrapping their own arms around each other and Jemma leaned in to offer Charlotte a peck in the cheek.

Both girls included during the current group of MTV tv series Ex on coastline, although they did not hook-up on screen, both romped with Geordie coast superstar Gaz Beadle during the course of the growing season.

Jemma ended up being linked to fellow co-star Stephen keep, with the set posting various cosy selfies and sporting their and hers costumes.

However the tattooed beauty reported the Celebrity your government champ cheated on her in a series of explosive tweets.

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Development content articles are nevertheless discussing excellent owl features, social media had been all atwitter discussing the good owl, and my pals actually threw an excellent owl party, though they're not often into that kind of thing.

Therefore, let us talk about owls. Did you know that a group of owls is named a parliament? Or that owls are available on every continent except Antarctica? They are in fact really interesting creatures, and there's additional for them than can be covered in one blog post.

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